FAQs for Wellness Experts

What are your terms and conditions for Wellness Experts?

At Sort The Thought, we are dedicated to providing the best experience for our clients. It is our business to ensure that our clients get appropriate care and help. Any Mental Health professional (Confidant, Counsellor, Social Worker, or Psychologist) who would like to be a part of the Sort The Thought family, we all need to have the same ethics and commitment. Please check out terms and conditions for wellness experts

Whatever your profession or qualification, our goal is to unite, support, and help others. We should always strive to help and support our clients ethically to make a positive difference to those who are finding life difficult. We all deserve to be heard. You are in the privileged position to hear people’s vulnerable and personal journeys, therefore, as a representative of Sort The Thought, we expect you to uphold our terms and conditions and abide by our privacy and confidentiality statement for wellness experts.

If at any time you have questions or concerns about any conflict of interest, or anytime you feel that your conduct was not in accordance with our expectations in protecting our clients, please feel free to be open and honest with our staff. You are encouraged to contact us or use support from your account to discuss any concerns so we can help you feel supported and rectify any potential negative consequences.

We consider our Wellness Experts as part of our family, so, we value each and every one of them. The work you do can change people’s lives. We do not want to take you for granted and understand the important work you do. We are here to support you as best as we can.


Will I become an employee of Sort the Thought? Do I need to sign a contract?


No, you will not be an employee of Sort the Thought. There are no contracts to fill in or sign. All Confidants, Counsellors, Social Workers, and Psychologists who engage with the services of Sort The Thought are not employees or workers.

You must however agree to the terms and conditions for wellness experts if you choose to join our platform.

Our online platform helps facilitate you to manage additional clients through audio and video sessions as well as online messages. Sort The Thought is a complimentary platform that can assist in additional income with your current employment, Private Practice, or any other independent business.

We are not a healthcare provider and as such we do not offer liability insurance and we are not liable in any respect for how you practice your therapy.

All Wellness Experts (excluding confidants) have their own ABN and under Australian Law, they are self-employed people who are Independent Contractors running their own businesses. As an Independent Contractor, all Wellness Experts’ responsibilities are required to make personal superannuation contributions, arrange all your personal, professional, and business insurance, Workers’ Compensation, as well as comply with the ATO tax obligations.

All Confidants, Counsellors, Social Workers, and Psychologists who engage with the services of Sort The Thought are not employees or workers.

When you accept these terms and conditions, this is a declaration that you are professionally choosing to become a “self-employed or independent contractor” with Sort The Thought

As an Independent Contractor, Wellness Experts can be dismissed without notice if they do anything that may cause adverse publicity, media attention or regulatory scrutiny, or other issues that could detrimentally impact the reputation, good name, or brand of Sort The Thought (and affiliated companies). Additionally, payments can be canceled if a customer or client makes a formal complaint.


What are the prerequisites for joining?


We welcome all confidants (mental health peer support workers), Counsellors, Social Workers, and Psychologists who are interested in joining our platform. Because of the personal and sensitive nature of our clients, we need to do all everything we can, to protect them.

That is why we require our Wellness Experts to be trained and registered with a regulatory body, such as Australian Psychology Society (APS), Australia Psychology Society (APS), Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (APRHA), Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia – PACFA, Australian Counselling Association – ACA Australian Association of Social Workers

Confidant: Crisis Support Skill Set Training (CHCSS00113), Certificate IV in Mental Health (CHC43315)

Counsellor: Australian Counselling Association – ACA

Social Worker: Australian Association of Social Workers – AASW

Psychologist: Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency – AHPRA


How do I manage my profile?


As this platform can be considered your own little business where you can get clients, we want you to succeed! Sort The Thought wants you to put your best foot forward and advertise yourself and your best qualities (professionally). We want you to attract the right clients for you in your passionate fields.

By advertising yourself and your professional interests correctly, you will enjoy Sort The Thought more because we can attract your ideal client to work with. Some hints in creating the perfect profile are;

  • Taking a professional photo of yourself that is current and happy
  • Briefly outline your qualifications
  • Describe your professional personality and what it is like sitting with you as a client
  • The best achievement you are proud of
  • Your favourite session and why
  • Being open to client messages anytime and your probable response times
  • Proofread over and over and over
  • List all your areas of expertise

All Wellness Experts are in control of your Professional Profile. Before you start connecting with clients, please take the time to get to know the platform and how to continually update your profile every six months.

This will ensure your success!


How much will I earn as a Wellness Expert?


Because you are an Independent Contractor, you have the control to earn what you desire. You can choose to take on a larger caseload which you will gain more income. If you wanted to work restricted hours – then it can work out to be equivalent to a part-time income. The choice is yours!


We value our Wellness Experts and the important work you do, as well as recognize the work and study it has taken you to get your qualification. Sort The Thought would like to compensate you fairly for your time. We offer generous compensation for your time which is compared to Australian Regulatory Standards. Compared to others in the market providing similar services, we are gaining you above average for your time – while still being affordable for your clients.


You are to earn for both messaging and audio/video calls. Two different streams of income. Depending on the length of your sessions and how often your clients wish to engage with you, will determine how much you will earn

  • For a 50-minute session; Psychologists can expect to earn between $70 – $75
  • For a 50-minute session; Social Workers can expect to earn between $55 – $60
  • For a 50-minute session; Counsellors can expect to earn between $55 – $60
  • For a 50-minute session; Mental Health peer support workers are volunteers and do not earn

You can access your earnings whenever you like. It is not a wage that is deposited into your bank account. Your money, for your work, is then linked to your account. And you are free to access it when it is suitable for you.

How and When do I get paid?


When you exchange messages or have an audio or video call with a client, depending on the number of messages exchanged and the number of minutes spent on the audio or video call, your earnings will be calculated and displayed in ‘My Activity’. Your net earnings can be seen in Balances/Transfer Funds.

Once your net earnings in ‘Balances’ reaches more than $100, you can then transfer partial or full amount to your bank account. The amount you can transfer should always be more than $100. When transferring funds for the first time, you might be asked to submit documents in line with the terms and conditions of Stripe.


What are your platform Fees?


There are no platform fees.


What happens when I get a booking?


Once a client schedules a session, you will get a message in the ‘chat box’, confirming the appointment date, time, and method of communication (message, audio or video call).


What is the duration of each session?


The duration of the session depends on the client and yourself. Each audio or video session is timed at 30 minutes. However, if both parties agree, the client can purchase more minutes and can extend the call to 60 minutes or longer.

Alternatively, if the client is not feeling comfortable or doesn’t resonate with you, they can choose to finish the session. In such circumstances, you will be paid as per the number of minutes spent with the client on the call.


How do I cancel a session?


You can let the client know via chat box that you can’t make this session and suggest the next available date and time.


What is your cancellation policy or if the client doesn’t show up?


As this is telehealth, even if a session is cancelled, you can always go back to messaging other clients, therefore, no time is lost.


Can I approach any client?


Yes, you can approach any client, anytime by messaging them. The clients can set their status to let you know what they want to talk about. This status will be displayed under client’s name in Explore screen.


How often can they message me?


Any client can message you anytime, anywhere after they have purchased the messages.


My client and I have agreed on a new session date/time – how do I change it?


Only your client can reschedule the session. If you and your client have agreed on a new date, you can ask them to book the agreed session.


Can I use Zoom instead of the Sort The Thought video service?


No, any messages or calls or any exchange of any kind which happens outside the Sort The Thought platform aren’t and won’t be considered and it is at the sole discretion of the client and Wellness Expert.


Is your platform secure and is the video service private?


Yes, Sort The Thought platform uses fully encrypted service with SSL certificate to provide a secure and confidential messaging, audio, and video service to our clients and wellness experts.