FAQs for Members

What is Sort The Thought?

Sort The Thought is an Australia-based online counselling platform which helps people who are looking for positive change. It is about having a safe space to Sort through our Thoughts, and to be able to feel heard and validated. By connecting with a Wellness Expert; you can develop better-coping strategies, find inspiration for growth, and empowerment for confidence and boundaries.

Our platform provides convenient, confidential, and affordable access to:

  • Certified confidant (mental health peer support workers)
  • Accredited counsellors
  • Registered Social Workers
  • Registered Psychologists

Sort The Thought makes professional help available to you anytime, anywhere (via Telehealth) through your computer, tablet or smartphone.


How does the Sort The Thought platform work?


After you sign up, you can choose from a range of wellness experts including confidants, counsellors, social workers and psychologists. Different wellness experts have different approaches and areas of expertise, so, it’s important to find the right person who you feel comfortable with.

Depending on your chosen wellness expert and the method of communication, you can purchase

  • Messages
  • Audio minutes or
  • Video minutes

You can use the purchased messages or minutes to chat – or – call one or multiple Wellness Experts.


Who are wellness experts?


A Wellness Expert is someone who has dedicated their career to helping others. They are professionals who look after the emotional and mental wellness of others. All Wellness Experts on Sort The Thought have aligned with our vision of positively supporting others – with their primary goal to increase your mental wellbeing through counselling.

Wellness experts on Sort The Thought are

  • Registered psychologists
  • Accredited social workers
  • Accredited counsellors, and
  • Confidants who are certified mental health peer support workers.


Can wellness experts approach me?


Yes, wellness experts can approach you. However, they need to know what you want to talk about.

In your explore screen, you can set your status that can be seen by wellness experts. If any of the wellness experts feel that they can help you, they can approach you as well anytime by messaging you.


What is the difference between a Psychologist, Social Worker and Counsellor?


A Psychologist is a 6-year-trained person who has obtained either a three-year Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from a recognized university plus a fourth-year Diploma in psychology followed by a 2-year supervised experience by a qualified psychologist. They need to be registered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and have continued Professional Development.

A Social Worker usually completes 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from a recognized university.

Some social workers work with policies; some specialize in working with members, children and families.

Many social workers complete additional training in counselling. They need to be registered with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and receive regular professional development.

A Counsellor must obtain a degree or qualification in Counselling and be registered with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) or the Australian register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.


Is Sort The Thought right for me?


Sort The Thought can be the right choice for you if you want to feel supported, improve the quality of your life and talk through your thoughts. Connecting with a Wellness Expert can assist in greater self-esteem, help you feel validated and explore your feelings to develop new coping strategies. This can be a beautiful process of self-exploration and self-discovery we are sometimes unable to achieve alone.

Our Wellness Experts can also assist with common concerns such as; stress, depression, anxiety, grief/loss, addiction, trauma, domestic violence, anger management, family and relationships difficulties, LGBTIQ+ and workplace challenges.

Sort The Thought is not right for

  1. Anyone who is less than 18 years of age
  2. Anyone in crisis or emergency situation and needs urgent care
  3. Anyone who doesn’t have access to a reliable internet connection


What is Telehealth?


Telehealth is any therapy or medical appointment that is not performed in person – such as phone calls, video calls and message conversations. During the covid-19 pandemic, the majority of mental health appointments are now available to all persons via computer or phone due to isolation, sickness and fear of infections.

Studies have shown that Telehealth is just as beneficial as in-person sessions, can be more convenient than travelling to in-person sessions, removes barriers, is less expensive and is more accessible (more options and hours to choose from).


How much does Sort The Thought cost?


You can join Sort The Thought and browse through wellness experts at zero cost. Once you are ready to talk, the cost ranges from $5 – $75 depending on the chosen wellness expert and the medium of communication. The purchased messages or minutes are valid for 28 days from the date of purchase and will not be automatically renewed.

So, you have the freedom to purchase Any Service. Anytime. Anywhere. At your convenience.


How does the messages work?


After selecting your desired wellness expert, you can purchase the messages which will be valid for the next 28 days. In the profile of wellness expert, you can click on the ‘Chat Now’ button which will take you to a secure chat box.

In this chat box, you can text your wellness experts about yourself, ask any questions and discuss what’s on your mind then begin to sort through your thoughts.


If I’ve already paid for the messages/minutes but don’t like my Wellness Expert, can I change to someone else?


If at any point you wish to change them to another wellness expert, go to;

  • My Account -> My Plans to see how many messages you have in credit with that particular profession of Wellness Expert.
  • Search another profile of a Wellness Expert
  • After deciding on your new Wellness Expert, go to their profile, click on Chat now button and start messaging.

Please remember, when purchasing a ‘message or minutes pack’ you are only able to connect with the same type of wellness experts in their field. For example, if you want to change from Counsellor to Counsellor that is wonderful, if you want to change from Social Worker to Social Worker that is fabulous, if you want to change from Psychologist to Psychologist that is excellent – but you can’t change between Counsellor/Social Worker to Psychologist as all the packages are priced differently.

If you are dissatisfied with your current wellness expert, then you can either:

    • Use the same message or minutes pack to chat with a different wellness expert in the same category (for example, change from a counsellor/social worker to another counsellor/social worker)


    • You can purchase another message or minutes pack to chat with wellness expert in another category (for example, change from counsellor/social worker to a psychologist)

Please feel free to purchase more messages or minutes credit as and when you require, at your convenience.

If there are any problems or you need further clarifications, please send us a message using ‘Support’ in your account and we will get back to you with further instructions.

You can send messages anywhere, anytime when your device is connected to the internet.


Can I read the previous messages?


Yes, anytime. This is one of the major advantages of Sort The Thought.

The openness of having access to all your previous messages can give you a long-term perspective on how much you have grown. It can put into perspective your growth. This can also be used as a form of journaling and your process of how you Sort your Thoughts.


How does audio/video minutes work?


Audio/Video call is a very convenient way to speak to a wellness expert.

To talk to your wellness expert, you can purchase audio or video minutes. You can schedule the call with the wellness expert and at the time of the call, in the chat box, you can use an audio or video call button to call the wellness expert.


How long are the audio/video sessions?


This can depend on what you feel you require; the sessions are 30 minutes but you have the freedom to schedule two and make it an hour session in total.

The reason why the sessions are only 30 minutes is because

  • According to Psychology principles, our attention span is approximately 28 minutes so we want to maximize your time and the effectiveness of our platform
  • Being in a heightened emotional state for an extended period of time can do more harm than good (to your wellness)
  • Reinforces that we need to be concise about what we are feeling, helps in prioritising our needs which can lead to positive long-term change
  • After 30 minutes, you are able to process the session and what was said more constructively that can be directly translated into your everyday life

Obviously, if you feel you would like longer to Sort through your thoughts, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose which package suits you.


However, sometimes you might not resonate or feel comfortable with the chosen wellness expert. In that case, you can reduce the duration of your session and cut your session down to save your minutes. You can then choose another wellness expert in the same category (for example, change from a counsellor/social worker to another counsellor/social worker) and use the rest of the minutes to chat with them.

The minutes purchased can be used in any manner the user wants. If they chat with wellness experts and do not like them in 5min, they can end the call and use the rest of the minutes with another wellness expert.


Can I claim a Medicare rebate?


At this stage, any referral from your GP of the Mental Health Treatment Plan are not needed on this platform.


Do you accept Private Health Insurance?


Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to accept any Private Health Insurance as payment for sessions.


Do I have to purchase the session regularly? How long do I have to keep purchasing?


As Sort The Thought is not a subscription-based service, there is no need to purchase and schedule your sessions regularly. You have the freedom to determine when and how you need to talk or would like to connect to a Wellness Expert, and accordingly, you can then purchase accordingly.

You will be in full control of your wellness journey and your sessions at Sort The Thought


Is my payment and credit card details secure?


Absolutely! All payment and credit card information is encrypted and we never store your credit card information without your consent.


We use stripe to process all payments. It is a company that is trusted by millions of businesses and consumers around the world. Their online security and reputation are the reasons why we chose them to protect our members.


Can Sort The Thought replace traditional face-to-face counselling?


Yes it certainly can! In this evolving world, we are all busy and want to normalise seeking help or talking to someone when it is convenient to you. Having a space to Sort our Thoughts with a qualified expert can be the right help you need. This is the purpose and simplicity of telehealth.


Alternatively, if you feel more comfortable with long-term, face-to-face counselling with the same person; this may not be the right fit for you. Please note that your registered wellness expert might not be able to make an official diagnosis, fulfil a court order or prescribe medication


Is my private information protected?

We take the privacy and confidentiality of the information very seriously. Our technology and operations are meant to protect any information shared by the members or wellness experts. We do not share any information with anyone unless consent is provided by all parties. It is very important for us that you know exactly how your privacy and confidentiality are handled. Please check our Privacy Policy for more details.

For your peace of mind, please be assured

  • Anything and everything you share on Sort The Thought is confidential and encrypted
  • All the messages are end-to-end encrypted
  • Our browsing encryption system (SSL) follows the best and modern practices for security


Is there an option to remain anonymous?


When you sign up we ask for your name and email address. At this stage, you are unable to remain anonymous and ask for your first and last name.

This information is kept strictly confidential and protected by our secure system and patient data protection laws.


How can I get Started on Sort The Thought?


Click on ‘Get Started’ button on the Home page then sign up for an account!


I’m a therapist, how do I get on the platform?


We are always looking for qualified and experienced Wellness Experts! To be eligible, you must be a registered and trained therapist. You can sign up here.

You can find out more in our Wellness Experts Frequently Asked Questions here and then sign up for an account.


Who should I speak to if I am in crisis and need emergency assistance?


If you are experiencing any form of crisis (suicidal, homicidal or experienced abuse) yourself or if someone else may be in danger – please immediately call 000 for assistance: do not use this site.

Alternatively, these are the free crisis support phone numbers for you to contact now;